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Principles of Radiological Physics – 5th Rev. Edition


Principles of Radiological Physics – 5th Rev. Edition


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Product Description

Comprehensive guide to the essential understanding of the physics of radiology students will need to successfully employ diagnostic radiography.


Radiography and mathematics

• Principles of radiography

• Geometric radiography

• The inverse square law

• The exponential law

General physics

• Laws of physics (classical)

• Units of measurement

• Experimental error and statistics

• Heat

• Electrostatics

• Electricity (DC)

• Magnetism

• Electromagnetism

• Electromagnetic induction

• Alternating current flow

• The motor principle

• Capacitors

• The AC transformer

• Semiconductor materials

• Rectification

• Exposure and timing circuits

Construction and operation of x-ray tubes

• Diagnostic x-ray tubes

• Monitoring and protection of X-ray tubes

• Orthovoltage generators and linear accelerators

Atomic physics

• Laws of modern physics

• Electromagnetic radiation

• Elementary structure of the atom

• Radioactivity

X-rays and matter

• The production of x-rays

• Factors affecting x-ray beam quality and quantity

• Interaction of x-rays with matter

• Luminescence and photostimulation

• The radiographic image

Dosimetry and radiation protection

• Radiation dosimetry

• Radiation protection

Appendices, tables and answers to self-tests

• Mathematics for radiography

• Scintillation counters

• CT scanning

• Magnetic resonance imaging

• Digital imaging

• Ultrasound imaging

• Positron emission tomography (PET)

• Modulation transfer function (MTF)

• SI base units


Additional Information

Weight 0.60 kg
Dimensions 28 x 22 x 5 cm

[10] 0443101043 [13] 978044310


Donald T. Graham, Paul J. Cloke and Martin Vosper

Published date





246 x 189 mm


soft cover