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Radiology Secrets – 2nd Edition


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Good study aid for all students and practitioners.


• Introduction to Imaging Modalities

• Introduction to Plain Film Radiography and Fluoroscopy

• Introduction to Ultrasound, CT, and MRI

• Introduction to Nuclear Medicine

• Computers in Radiology

• Breast Imaging

• Screening Mammography

• Diagnostic Mammography

• Breast Ultrasound and Breast Procedures

• Cardiac and Noninvasive Vascular Imaging

• Cardiac Imaging

• CTA and MRA of the Aorta

• CTA of the Pulmonary Vasculature

• CTA and MRA of the Mesenteric and Peripheral Vasculature

• Gastrointestinal Tract

• Plain Radiographs of the Abdomen

• The Upper GI Tract

• The Colon and Barium Enema

• MR and CT of the Liver and Biliary Tract

• CT and MRI of the Spleen

• CT and MRI of the Pancreas

• CT of the Acute Abdomen and Pelvis

• Genitourinary Tract

• Intravenous Urography

• Genitourinary Fluoroscopic Examinations

• CT and MRI of the Kidney

• CT and MRI of the Adrenal Glands

• Ultrasound of the Female Pelvis

• MRI of the Female Pelvis

• MRI and Ultrasound of the Male Pelvis

• Interventional Radiology

• Patient Sedation and Pain Management Charles

• Equipment, Terms, and Techniques in Interventional Radiology

• Inferior Vena Cava Filters

• Peripheral Vascular Disease Jeffrey

• Embolization Techniques and Applications

• Hepatobiliary and Portal Venous Interventions

• Genitourinary and Gastrointestinal Interventional Radiology

• Musculoskeletal Radiology

• Extremity Plain Films and Trauma

• Plain Film examination of Spinal Trauma

• Nontraumatic Spine Plain Films and Degenerative Disease

• Osteoporosis

• Osteoarthritis and Inflammatory Arthritis

• Osteomyelitis

• Bone Tumors

• Shoulder MRI

• MRI of the Elbow and Wrist

• MRI of the Hip

• MRI of the Knee

• MRI of the Foot and Ankle

• Neuroradiology

• Brain: Anatomy, Trauma, and Tumors

• Brain: Inflammatory, Infectious, and Vascular Diseases

• Advanced Imaging of the Spine

• Head and Neck I

• Head and Neck II

• Nuclear Radiology

• Positron Emission Tomography

• Bone Scans

• VQ Scans

• Thyroid Scintigraphy

• GI/GU Scintigraphy

• Nuclear Cardiology

• Pediatric Radiology

• Pediatric Thoracic Radiology

• Pediatric Gastrointestinal Radiology

• Pediatric Uroradiology

• Pediatric Neuroradiology

• Pediatric Musculoskeletal Radiology

• Imaging of Child Abuse

• Thoracic Radiology

• Solitary and Multiple Pulmonary Nodules

• Interstitial Lung Disease

• Mediastinal Diseases

• Pleural Diseases

• Tubes, Lines, and Catheters

• Ultrasonography

• Obstetric Ultrasound: First-trimester Imaging

• Obstetric Ultrasound: Second-trimester Imaging

• Vascular Ultrasound

• Abdominal Ultrasound

• Diagnostic Radiology as a Profession

• Training Pathways in Diagnostic Imaging

• Medicolegal Issues in Diagnostic Imaging

• Radiology Organizations


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E. Scott Pretorius and Jeffrey A. Solomon

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