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Quality of care achievements of the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry–Victoria

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Best practice guidelines assist clinicians and health services deliver optimal care to men diagnosed with prostate cancer (CaP),13 but little is known about whether optimal approaches to care have been delivered to patients with CaP in Australia. A large United States study that investigated compliance with structural and process of care quality indicators (QIs) highlighted considerable deficits across institutions in care provided to men with localised CaP.4

The Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry–Victoria (PCOR-Vic), formerly the Victorian Prostate Cancer Clinical Registry (Vic PCR), was established with the aim of improving knowledge of patterns of care and outcomes for men diagnosed with CaP in Victorian hospitals.5 Since its inception in 2009, PCOR-Vic has progressively enlarged its recruitment scope: by 2013 the registry had collected data from 75% of the Victorian target population. To achieve its objectives, a set of QIs was developed after reviewing guidelines and published literature on CaP QIs, and through a consensus process by members of the PCOR-Vic Steering Committee.5 Data on these QIs are reported to contributing clinicians and health services every 6 months after the initial 12-month period following diagnosis.

The registry…