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Recording consultations: a win–win situation for physicians and patients

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Encouraging patients to record consultation summaries may improve health outcomes

Technology plays a significant role in medicine, and technological advances are constantly changing how medicine is practiced. Technology is also widely used by patients, who are now able to apply it in a medical setting. For example, the rapid adoption of smart phones, tablets and other personal electronic devices has made audio or visual recording of consultations relatively straightforward.

The recording of consultations is not a new concept. A 1990 study investigated the effect of video recording consultations on physician behaviour.1 The benefits of recordings for oncology patients have been well established.24 The technology available for recording has expanded dramatically over the past 25 years; however, it is unknown if doctors are aware of the potential clinical usefulness of recording consultations.

Physicians can enhance patient care by using personal electronic devices in their practice. A recent study showed that 69% of respondents wanted to record consultations, motivated by the desire to improve their care experience and share the information with others.5

Benefits of recording consultations

There are several benefits of encouraging…