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Relief in sight for sinus sufferers

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People who suffer from painful and recurring sinus infections could soon have a new targeted spray treatment.

Researchers from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research have been awarded a grant to develop a much-needed new treatment for chronic sinus infection.

Currently, 16 per cent of Australians suffer from severe discomfort and pain as a result of recurring sinus infections, triggered when mucus made in the sinuses fails to drain properly.

Lead researcher Associate Professor Paul Young said it was amazing that chronic sinus infection affected such a large percentage of the population and yet there was currently no nasal spray or device capable of specifically targeting the condition.

Suffers are prescribed antibiotics, mucus dissolvents or steroids, approaches that Woolcock researcher Associate Professor Greg King said gave virtually no access to the sinuses, and had limited therapeutic efficacy.

“Our goal is to develop a carefully targeted treatment that carries a formulation capable of simultaneously removing mucus, dispersing biofilms and killing bacteria hiding deep in the sinuses,” Associate Professor Greg King said.

Kirsty Waterford