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Relieving the pressure: new Australian hypertension guideline

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The National Heart Foundation guideline has been updated to reflect recent evidence and Australian conditions

Some might think there are too many guidelines on hypertension.14 However, given that hypertension is a major risk factor for premature death and disability from cardiovascular disease in Australia and globally,5,6 practitioners need a practical, contemporary and localised guide to best practice. Most countries and their hypertension societies publish their own guidelines. However, these differ for a number of reasons. The data available at the particular time of publication vary. Experts interpret these data differently. To varying extents, guideline development is subject to vested interests, such as governments and other funders wishing to keep down costs, or industry wishing to make treatments available to the widest groups possible.7 The scope of the review can vary from people with uncomplicated hypertension to those with a broad range of complications and comorbidities.

In Australia, we are fortunate that the National Heart Foundation has produced an excellent new guideline (http://heartfoundation.org.au/for-professionals/clinical-information/hypertension)…