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I well know anecdotal and personal stories are anathema to the scientific process.  However, ‘my accurate story is different’. In 2012, I developed severe life endangering throat cancer, successfully treated at RPAH as a public patient, with radiotherapy and cetuximub. In 2017, I sustained colon cancer, also successfully treated by surgery. I am aged 90. Never used alcohol, never smoked, vegetarian, weight 60 kg, walked 30 minutes every day for a lifetime. Regular prophylactic medical checks by a specialist twice a year for more than 20 years.

I worked in my same GP surgery at North Ryde, a Sydney suburb that abutted directly onto a public laneway. Along the laneway were electrical cables, also on the same poles for cable television. Now, I sat for 60 years within roughly three metres (possibly less) of the wires and cables. All such wires carry an electromagnetic field – always with the query of whether it possibly being carcinogenic. I never considered that though (even after having watched the Australian made film The Castle several times). I believe this possibly caused or contributed to my two unrelated cancers. I would appreciate views of your readers, as this has always been a highly contentious issue among doctors and medical statisticians.  I wonder how many other people ‘out there’ have similar exposure, with a ‘cancer diagnosis’ just waiting to be made? 

Dr John F Knight AM
NSW Senior Australian of the Year 2017
Founder and Chairman Medi-Aid Centre Foundation
North Ryde, NSW