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A new aid to patient treatment


More than an ID: MedicAlert® membership provides an to help you treat your patients.

MedicAlert offers more than just identification jewellery and accessories. When a person purchases one of our products, they’re also investing in a vital MedicAlert membership, which means their personal and health information is stored in our secure database. These details can then be accessed by emergency services and healthcare professionals via our 24/7 Emergency Response Service, which is operated by professionally trained staff. This vital service ensures your patients receive the fastest and most effective treatment when second counts.

With thousands of referrals every single year from GPs, nurses, specialists, paramedics and various other healthcare professionals just like you, it excites us when we introduce new products that can make your job easier and your patient’s lives safer.

MedicAlert Foundation is a not-for-profit, member-based organisation that gives people peace of mind knowing they’re protected in an emergency. First responders can access their health information and provide the safest and most effective treatment, when seconds count.

While this is extremely beneficial in emergencies, you can also use this in your day to day practice – because it’s not just emergency service workers who need to treat patients quickly. As health professionals, you do too.

Making accurate, well-informed diagnoses.

With your patients wearing a MedicAlert ID, you can access not only their health information but also up to date medication details. This helps you make accurate diagnoses, which gives you (and your patient) significant reassurance.

MedicAlert is designed to be beneficial for you and your patients. It gives you both peace of mind that information relayed is correct and in line with the recommended treatment. It gives you more confidence, as you learn about the patients history and they try to recall the most important things.

Our members’ membership cards can also help you in your role as a healthcare professional, so don’t forget to ask your patients for their card, which includes information that will assist you with clinical support decisions. This information can help prevent misdiagnosis, potential harm or adverse reactions, as well as give you the information you need to make the best decision for that patient at that time. These cards are updated at least annually with all relevant health and personal information.

If you need further clarification about their health conditions and medications, or you patient doesn’t have their membership card with them, you can call the 24/7 Emergency Response Service to gain a full history from the patient’s electronic health record.

This electronic health record lists all medications they are currently taking, as well as emergency contact details, blood group, organ donor, and care plans for complex airway intubation, implant device details and Advanced Care Directives.

When your patients join MedicAlert and provides their health information, we have a sessional GP who validates and ensure the correct terminology is engraved on their ID. This means all information is accurate and meets medical terminology standards. Furthermore, at MedicAlert, we work closely with our members to ensure the information is as informative as possible.

If you do need to clarify something via our 24/7 Emergency Response Service, we can also give you the last validated date, so you can instantly determine your patient’s current needs.

Everyone benefits with MedicAlert

Anyone can benefit from having a MedicAlert ID. Not only does it cover anyone with health conditions, it provides information on patients with implants or devices right down to allergies, asthma and diabetes.

MedicAlert also provides a Safe Return Service for people with autism, alzheimer’s and dementia – those who struggle with memory loss, communication impairments and cognitive ability and may be prone to wandering. Our 24/7 Emergency Response Service ensures these people are quickly identified and returned safely home or to a carer. Police can also be notified in conjunction with activation of triage calls if required.

MedicAlert isn’t designed purely to help people in emergencies, it works in conjunction with an electronic health record that you can access anytime to avoid life-threatening misinformation. It’s the most affordable ‘insurance policy’ for your patients, with membership costing only $49 per year.

The benefits go beyond accuracy in your diagnoses and treatments. MedicAlert can help save time with medical testing, as well as admissions into hospital. Storing and updating your patient’s information via an electronic health record also helps the next specialist who will be treating them. It removes any of the guesswork.

Register now so you can keep up to date with industry relevant updates and improvements to MedicAlert, as well as industry communications.

MedicAlert is more than and ID, it’s a service that protects your patients 24/7.