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Tax cap dumped: the reaction

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The $2000 tax cap galvanised the medical profession like no other issue since the medical indemnity crisis of the early 2000s.

When the Abbott Government announced on 6 November that the cap was dead, the AMA – which has led the fight against the change – was deluged with messages of congratulation and relief from its members. Here is a selection:

Good news!

Congratulations and thank you for the convincing effort you and AMA have put into the campaign.

Kind Regards

John Saalfeld

This is fantastic news.

Thank you for your hard work.

Kind Regards,

Matthew Hauser

Well done. Common sense at last!

Glenda Powell

Good news Steve [Hambleton].

A job well done.
My thanks to all at the AMA for standing up for common sense.
Keep up with the good work you are doing.
Laurie Stevenson


Poor policy is finally seen for what it is.  

Fraser Brown

Brilliant work, so very sensible.

Well done 

Marilyn Rochefort

Well done AMA!

Dr Winsome Hum 

Consultant Psychiatrist, Monash Health

Thank you all very much for this.

This was just unbelievable,
Dr V Prasad

Thank you and the AMA for your strong efforts with this, and for promptly informing me.

Dr Sam Giummarra

Dear AMA President

Well done

Thank you so much


Michael Khalil

Dear Dr Hambleton,

Thank you for the email and the good news.

Thanks to AMA for the efforts made in bringing about this change in policy.

Dr Devi Radhakrishnan 

Medical Registrar, RPH

Dear Mr Hambleton 

On behalf of the Victorian Medical Women’s Society, I wish to thank you for your effort on this matter.

As medical women, we feel that it would have made it even harder for us to be able to afford some very necessary further education, due to cost and our reduced income, due to the fact that we often have families and work shorter sessions.

Yours sincerely,

Magdalena Simonis


Victorian Medical Women’s Society 

Dear Dr Hambleton, 

Thank you for informing me about this. I am pleased to hear that the AMA has been successful in their pressure.  

I was not very surprised though, taking into account the fact that weddings, sports events, inspections of investment properties and footy games are apparently tax-deductible and/or claimable in the current political climate. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Bertel Bulten 


Thanks AMA 

Dr Ian Gotis-Graham and Dr Christina Gatzastras

Dear Dr.Steve,

I am extremely delighted with this news and would like to thank AMA whole heartedly for all their support in achieving this for all us doctors.

With Kind Regards,

Dr Gayatri J. Borude

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine , Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Thank you, congratulations and appropriately well fought


Dr Murray Blythe

Southern Cross Orthopaedic Group

Well done, great result.

Timothy J G  Pavy 
Head, Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine 
King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women

Dear President

Congratulations to you and the whole of the AMA. 

This is a great victory for common sense and perseverance. 

Dr Thomas Hardy

Melbourne (in Hobart on conference!)

Thank you Steve this is indeed very good news.

It is extremely important now that we as a profession do not leave ourselves vulnerable to accusations of rorting this deduction into the future.

If we are not seen to use this privilege ethically and responsibly we will surely loose it sooner or later and deservedly so.

Best wishes

Dr Rod Brown

Dear Dr Hambleton

This is indeed good news, and a just result for the sterling efforts of you and your colleagues.

I wrote a strong endorsement for the AMA’s stance in my column in The Australian Doctor, and am gratified to see the case for reason articulated by our profession to be acknowledged by our new Government.

My thanks and congratulations.

Yours sincerely

Dr Christopher Swan

Fantastic news!

Thanks to AMA for all your hard work coordinating our responses.


Dr Ruth-Ellen Marks

Fantastic result, for doctors and many other professionals & technicians!

Barb Bauert 

Congratulations to the AMA, and thank you for your hard work on this issue.

Next challenge – individual contracts in Queensland HHS boards… this will be tougher, and we really need your help.

Associate Professor Christian Hamilton-Craig
Staff Cardiologist, The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane