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Technology set to change children’s health

A national initiative, My Health Record, has been designed to help the access and sharing of information to improve children’s health outcomes by using a digital platform.

The new children’s digital health network, the National Collaborative Network for Child Health Informatics, is a collaborative project between eHealth NSW, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA).

My Health Record’s aim is to be patient centred and clinician friendly so as to support integrated care for children and their families.  It will also enhance the quality of clinician care through improved decision making tools, including a child’s safety in an emergency.

My Health Record will be a digital summary of a patient’s medical information including diagnosis, outcomes, medications, reactions and allergies. Clinical documents added by healthcare providers could also include Shared Health Summaries and Hospital Discharge Summaries.

Parents choose what information gets loaded onto their child’s record.  They also control what information stays on their child’s record and who can access the information.  The patient’s record will be part of a national system that will travel with each child.

Accessing and sharing information about their children’s health using a new technology platform will enable parents to accurately keep track of their children’s healthcare that can be easily shared with healthcare providers.

“This can improve their ability to access health services and enhance their experience of health services because their providers have real-time information about each child’s health status, immunisation status, and interaction across the entire health system. The work of the Network will help us realise this vision,” said ADHA Chief Executive Tim Kelsey.

Because My Health Record is a part of the Australian Government’s Digital Health Agency it is protected by security and safety laws at a nationally recognised level.

Meredith Horne