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Terms set for GP registrars

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The AMA has helped broker an agreement on the terms and conditions for employing GP registrars for 2017-18.

The agreement, between General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) and General Practice Supervisors Australia (GPSA), replaces the 2015-16 agreement, which was set in December 2014.

The National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NCTER) 2017-18 has been reached three months earlier than in the past, giving registrars and practices more time to negotiate their employment arrangements for 2017.

It covers GP registrars undertaking Australian GP Training in all general practice terms of training, although those employed in community controlled health workplaces, the Australian Defence Force, or in remediation may be bound by other contractual arrangements.

GPSA Chair, Dr Bruce Willett, said his negotiating team relied heavily on supervisor and training practice feedback to set the terms.

There has been no increase to the base rates nor percentages, due to the existing Medicare freeze, rising costs, and the freeze on training practice subsidies.

GPRA Chair, Dr Jomini Cheong, said that the new agreement provided greater clarity around issues that had previously been open to interpretation.

Both organisations agreed that the NCTER 2017-18 represented the fairest possible outcome for both training practices and registrars, given the current political and economic environment.

The NCTER again requires that registrars be engaged as employees, and allows for percentage payments to be made on a billings or receipts basis not less than every three months.

The NCTER is a goodwill document that applies because of the agreements in place between the Australian Government and the Regional Training Organisations (RTOs), which require training practices to observe it.

Dr Willett and Dr Cheong thanks the Australian Government, the RTOs, and the AMA for their ongoing support and promotion of the NCTER.

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