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The G20, human health and sustainability: an interview with Jeffrey D Sachs

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To the Editor: I am both amazed and disappointed that the Journal would assault the goodwill and common sense of its readership by publishing uncritical barracking for the unproven thesis of human-induced climate change,1,2 at a time when we expect evidence-based medical practice as a maxim.

To suggest that there is any consensus on climate science is an untruth that disenfranchises the many genuine physicists, geophysical scientists, climate engineers and astrophysicists who refute the anthropogenic proposition (consensus is not a scientific discipline). Neither Jeffrey D Sachs1 nor the eminent signatories petitioning the Prime Minister2 are entitled to any more scientific credibility than Joe Blow in urging massive changes to our economy and society on the basis of an unproven precautionary principle. One would hope that their climate prognostications are more accurate than those of Tim Flannery, who stated that we would never see worthwhile rain again (http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2006/s1844398.htm), before Australia-wide flooding left a several billion dollar legacy of rusting desalination plants. We need not mention pink batts and their resultant death and destruction.…