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The Murray to the Mountains Intern Training Program

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In April 2014, we reported on the Murray to the Mountains (M2M) Intern Training Program.1 The M2M Program provides a rural alternative for interns and has the following objectives:

  • enhancing the level of skills and training of interns locally;

  • retaining new graduates in regional areas during their early postgraduate years; and

  • developing a cohort of rural-orientated general practitioners and medical specialists.

The program commenced in 2012 with five interns; the number has now increased to 10. Each M2M cohort over the next decade will be documented and their achievement assessed according to the above objectives. This requires the program to maintain contact with all interns. The trust engendered in the interns from the outset has facilitated contact; both informal and formal contact is maintained, the latter through multiple face-to-face assessments. Program staff make themselves readily available to both interns and their supervisors throughout the year.

Of the first M2M cohort, two doctors have successfully completed their advanced diploma in obstetrics in the local regional health services. A third doctor is undertaking an advanced diploma in obstetrics, after spending her third postgraduate year as a general practice registrar. The fourth doctor may undertake a diploma in anaesthetics in 2016, after completing…