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The Partners in Recovery program: mental health commissioning using value co-creation

The Australian Government’s Partners in Recovery (PIR) program1 established a new form of mental health intervention aimed to better support people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs, and their carers and families. It aims to achieve this by getting multiple sectors, services and consumers to work in a more collaborative, coordinated and integrated way.1 Commissioning these services required an approach that engaged many stakeholders to generate a model that was widely supported and understood. Value co-creation offers a framework to describe this style of commissioning and has been applied to mental health commissioning internationally.26

Co-creation entails a new vision of value creation through a shift in thinking about the co-creators of value, the value networks, and the entire value of ecosystems.7,8 It involves redefining the way an organisation engages with individuals, partners and stakeholders by bringing them into a process of value creation and engaging them in enriched experiences throughout the journey, in order to design new products and services, transform management systems, and increase innovation, productivity and returns on investment.7