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Top specialists join AMA Federal Council

A prominent anaesthetist and a leading ophthalmologist have joined the AMA Federal Council to fill vacancies created by the elevation of Dr Liz Feeney and Dr Iain Dunlop to the Executive Council.

Immediate past President of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists Dr Andrew Mulcahy, whose practice is based in Hobart, has been elected unopposed as the Anaesthetist Craft Group nominee on the Federal Council, replacing Dr Feeney.

Dr Mulcahy has more than 20 years experience as an anaesthetist, including as a Visiting Medical Officer at Royal Hobart Hospital, and currently works at all private hospitals in Hobart. He is also a member of the Medical Board of Tasmania.

Queensland-born ophthalmologist Dr Brad Horsburgh has been in private practice in Brisbane since 1995, and has been a Visiting Ophthalmologist at the Royal Brisbane Hospital since 2001.

Dr Horsburgh was appointed to the Queensland ophthalmology training program in 1991, and went on to complete Senior Registrar training through the Western England ophthalmology training program in 1994-95.

He is the current Chairman of the Queensland branch of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists, and was elected unopposed to fill the vacancy left by Dr Dunlop.

Adrian Rollins