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Trump can’t get rid of Obamacare

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United States President Donald Trump has suffered a humiliating defeat, with his failure to eradicate his predecessor’s health laws.

Before even a single vote could be cast to repeal President Barak Obama’s Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the Bill.

There was not enough support in Congress for the repeal Bill to get up.

“We were very close,” President Trump said in the Oval Office after the Bill was pulled. “It was a very, very tight margin.”

But in reality, the decision to delay the vote (probably indefinitely) his highly embarrassing for Mr Trump, who made trashing Obamacare a key policy platform of his campaign.

He has blamed his Bill’s failure on the Democrats, saying: “We had no Democratic support.” But there was not even enough support from within his own party.

The President’s credibility and authority are now severely dented, but so too is that of Speaker Ryan, who was defied by his own conference and had to pull the Bill in order to avert a crushing defeat.

Mr Ryan has indicated that the Bill might never resurface.

“We came up short,” he told reporters. “We are going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.”

However, the President subsequently tweeted: “Obamacare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great health care plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry!”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who was herself the Speaker who helped President Obama pass the Affordable Care Act, described the Republicans’ defeat as “great day for our country” and a “victory for the American people”.

“Let’s just for a moment breathe a sigh of relief for the American people,” she said.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was even more forthright in his criticism of the President.

“In my life, I have never seen an administration as incompetent as the one occupying the White House today,” he said.

“Today we’ve learned they can’t count votes and they can’t close a deal. So much for the art of the deal.”

The American Medical Association has also opposed the House Republicans’ plan to replace the federal health care law enacted by the Obama administration.

 Chris Johnson