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Turnbull does a Trump

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull tried channelling his US counterpart recently when in true Donald Trump fashion he embarked on a Twitter-fest to shout down news reports he claimed to be false.

News Limited newspapers had reported the Government was looking to scrap certain aged pensioner concession cards and welfare payments in the May Budget.

But just like the US President, Mr Turnbull didn’t issue a statement or wait for a press conference to deny the reports – he blasted it across the Twittersphere.

“I can assure all aged pensioners the measure reported will NOT be in the budget,” the PM tweeted.

He then subsequently tweeted that the reporter “insisted on writing the story” even though he had told her she was wrong.

The word ‘false” was tweeted, as was his “outright” rejection of the story.

Mr Turnbull saved his best Twitter attack on the subject for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

Using one of President Trump’s favourite words (“sadly”), the Prime Minister tweeted: “And sadly, I can assure you that you can always rely on Bill Shorten to lie.”

The Prime Minister would have been called on to withdraw such a remark if he had said it in Parliament but, sadly, it seems that in Twitter-land just like in Trump-land almost anything goes.

Chris Johnson