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US doctors want to ban assault weapons

American doctors have called for a ban on the sale and ownership of all assault-type weapons.

The American Medical Association voted in June to amend its policy on firearms, resulting in the United States’ biggest doctors group taking a stance against gun violence.

The AMA declared it to be a public health emergency.

The Association also raised the issue of bump stocks, which basically turn semi-automatic firearms into automatic ones, saying sale of them should be prohibited.

And it called for an end to the sale and ownership of high-capacity magazines and armour-piercing bullets. 

The AMA also supports laws to require all firearms to be registered, to ban sales of guns to people under the age of 21, to make it illegal for anyone found of guilty of domestic violence to be in possession of a gun, and to keep schools gun-free zones.

Debate on all of the issues was reported to be contentious, with delegates who were gun owners wanting more time to review the language used in the resolution. 

But the delegation voted overwhelmingly in favor of the ban on assault weapons resolution, 446 to 99.
In America this year alone, more than 6,300 people have died from gun violence.