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Variation in coronary angiography rates in Australia: correlations with socio-demographic, health service and disease burden indices

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The known Angiography rates vary across Australia. Whether this variation is correlated with indices of socio-economic deprivation, chronic disease, acute coronary syndrome (ACS) incidence, or health service characteristics is uncertain.

The new Social disadvantage and remoteness were correlated with ACS incidence and mortality, but not with angiography rates. Private hospital cardiac admissions were strongly correlated with angiography rates; the relationship with public hospital cardiac admissions was less marked. Socio-economic indicators, regional location, and ACS and chronic disease burden were not significantly associated with angiography rates.

The implications A focus on clinical care standards and better health service distribution is needed to reduce the variation.

Managing coronary artery disease (CAD) with coronary angiography is informed by an extensive evidence base.15 Variation in the rates of coronary angiography has been described in Australia.6,7 This variation may be explained by heterogeneity in clinical need (ie, variations in disease incidence or prevalence), but differences unexplained by disease burden highlight inequities…