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Vitamin B12 and folate tests: the ongoing need to determine appropriate use and public funding

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It’s not as simple as new for old: we need to follow a process for “disinvestment” in existing medical procedures, services and technologies

Criteria have been developed for assessing the safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of new and emerging health interventions, but additional challenges exist in identifying opportunities for reducing the use of existing health technologies or procedures that are potentially overused, (cost-)ineffective or unsafe.1 Criteria have been proposed to flag technologies that might warrant further investigation under quality improvement programs.1 These criteria are: new evidence becomes available; there is geographical variation in use; variation in care between providers is present; the technology has evolved and differs markedly from the original; there exists a temporal trend in the volume of use; public interest or controversy is present; consultation with health care workers and funders raises concerns; new technology has displaced old technology; there is evidence of leakage (use beyond the restriction or indication); the technology or intervention is a “legacy item” that has never been assessed for cost-effectiveness; use is not in accordance with clinical guidelines; or the technology is nominated by clinical groups.