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Vulvoplasty in New South Wales, 2001–2013: a population-based record linkage study

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The known The number of vulvoplasty procedures in NSW has been rising over the past decade. 

The new One in 23 women who had vulvoplasty had repeat procedures; one in ten had had, or will have, other cosmetic surgery. One in 14 procedures resulted in serious adverse events. The caesarean delivery rate for primiparous women was about 30% higher among those who had had vulvoplasty. Vulvoplasty had no effect on perineal outcomes of a subsequent vaginal first birth. 

The implications Our population-based study provides important information that can inform pre-surgery counselling. 

Vulvoplasty refers to surgery performed on the external female genitals, generally reducing the size or correcting the asymmetry of the labia minora.1 Increasing demand for this procedure has been reported over the past two decades, with the number of procedures rising in high income countries, including Australia,1 the United Kingdom2 and the United States.3

In Australia, the number of Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) rebates linked with item number 35533 for vulvoplasty procedures doubled from 744…