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World Mental Health Day – 10 October: Dignity in mental health

9 OCTOBER 2015 ¦ GENEVA – Thousands of people with mental health conditions around the world are deprived of their human rights. As well as being discriminated against, stigmatised and marginalised, they are also subject to emotional and physical abuse in both mental health facilities and the community. Poor quality care, due to a lack of qualified health professionals and dilapidated facilities, leads to further violations.

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day, observed on 10 October, is “Dignity in mental health”. This year, WHO is raising awareness of what can be, and is being, done to ensure that people with mental health conditions can continue to live with dignity, through human rights-oriented policy and law, training of health professionals, respect for informed consent to treatment, inclusion in decision-making processes, and public information campaigns.